Need for a holistic strategy to maximize ROI across the supply chain

The immediate purpose of supply chain lies in delivering a customer experience that satisfies expectations and fulfils contractual obligations between the supplier and the buyer, with an ultimate outlook of increasing market share while mitigating risk and reducing costs. This is a demand-driven business model; one that functions as a blueprint for creating an integrated supply chain system where customers’ demand and their satisfaction guides day-to-day decisions and longer-term market strategy. 

To this effect, there are various key supply chain links that must be addressed as a part of a holistic strategy for meeting customer demand and optimising the processes of procurement, production, distribution, and inventory-keeping. 

Maintaining Organizational Agility 

Envisioning a sustainable supply chain management system must begin with an initial and pervasive attitude of being quick and efficient in responded to both expected and unexpected disruptions.  

“Managing the key supply chain links is the core of adopting a customer-focused approach to business, ultimately leading to satisfying customer demands, and fulfilling contracts to the letter.”

adds Piyush 

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