Moglix Welcomes Neelam Dhawan as Board Advisor

Neelam Dhawan joins Moglix as Board Advisor

Neelam Dhawan, tech pioneer, joins Moglix as board advisor. Neelam has previously worked at Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise and Microsoft, IBM and HCl, among other companies.

Currently, she is a supervisory board member at Royal Philips, Netherlands, and non-executive director at ICICI Bank India, Skylo Technologies, Capita PLC, and Yatra Online. Moglix said it plans to start a new phase of global expansion.

“I am excited about my new role as a board advisor at Moglix. Moglix is pioneering supply chain digital transformation in the country and overseas. I look forward to contributing to Moglix’s endeavors to grow and deliver impact globally at scale.”

Neelam has been instrumental in shaping the IT industry in India. Throughout her career, she has repeatedly demonstrated leadership, innovation, and fearlessness, values that we hold in high esteem at Moglix. The scale of operations and innovation that she has successfully implemented, and her vision resonate strongly with the mission of Moglix to reimagine B2B commerce and supply chain at scale globally. We are delighted to have her as the board advisor at Moglix.

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