HR Priorities for 2021: Director- Human Capital

HR Priorities for 2021: Director- Human Capital

Saumya Khare, Director of Human Capital talks about the HR priorities for 2021. She throws light on the learnings from 2020, the growing need for adaptation and models that are definite to take place in 2021. From being on-site & on-demand to being fully collocated and connected remotely, these are some of the models she speaks about.

In 2021, HR leaders will have to explore new ways to optimize talent retention costs and facilitate better work-life balance.

Saumya elaborates on the growing need for digitization and analytics in the existing models, to not only revamp the current processes but to also innovate methods to grow the organization as a whole. what the future workplaces would look like and the best practices they should start following in order to build workplace 4.0.

HR leaders will have to ensure that functional teams build the strength to sustain sudden changes to team structures, health risks, and logistical disruptions. They will have to provide greater multi-tasking, learning by doing, and familiarize the staff with the new roles as contingency measures.

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